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What we do

Red Mechanic offers quality consulting expertise in inventing, creating and managing simple systems.

TLDR; We develop awesome mobile apps & web backends + do expertise research, consulting and prototyping. Quality before price. Always.


We change things. Make them better. Simpler. Things that just work. As simple as possible, as a great man once said:

‘Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler’ - Albert Einstein


We have developed high-end software solutions on iOS, Android, OSX and Linux. We have made electronics come to life in IoT (Internet Of Things) using Bluetooth LE/Smart. We have helped companies with Apple MFi implementation. We’ve made KaiOS apps. We have created indoor navigation systems. We’ve done many iOS apps. We can do many things.

Learn more about what we’ve done for some of our clients


  • We create native iOS apps using Swift/XCode» or cross plattform (iOS/Android) apps using Googles Flutter» development platform. We recently started exploring the brilliant KaiOS system» for feature phones, making Internet accesssible for the emerging markets. We recently launched the only dating service available for Kaios, named Datinga»
  • We started creating iOS apps back in 2008 (as Agile Dimension»). We had presence in the App store from day one and our first app was featured by Apple in one of their iPhone TV commercials “There’s an app for that”» (Compass Go). Our participation was approved by Steve Jobs, as all their ads was at that time. Due to the difficulty of keeping old apps profitable, we have closed down many of them and learned a lot over the years on how to create sustainable app ecosystems. Right now we only have these available in App store: Photosane, Fireplace, PowerAid, but more are coming.


We do primarily build performant and fault tolerant distributed backend systems with Elixir (Erlang)» using the Phoenix framework». In 2006 we started building backends using Ruby on Rails. In 2016 we started our move to Elixir, like our SaaS (Software as a Service) Parkaid» platform

If you want to know more, please get in touch with us: Contact