Product Barcode Scanner

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 8 Plus - 2019-05-09 at 13.22.41_iphone8plusgold_portrait.png

Super-simple app for scanning product barcodes to get product ratings, manufacturing country and price indication. Go directly to your favourite online shop where you can buy it, or Google the barcode.

There is also a 'Top rated button' which randomly fetches 4-5 stars top rated products in the US. Use it as a gift discovery tool or just for fun.

This app scans all EAN/UPC barcodes using the camera.



Privacy is vital to us and we don't use any user tracking functionality at all in our apps. We believe in user feedback as our way to improve apps.

The app does not use any third part analytics or tracking tools. None. We don't do that. Period.

However, once you go outside the app into Safari, the sites you visit will most probably track you, as they normally do.

Have fun scanning product barcodes!