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The No-Fuzz-App manifesto

  1. No nags. Period.
  2. Simple and intuitive user interface.
  3. Reasonably priced and in-app purchases must be discrete and fair.
  4. No ads.

What's a 'No-Fuzz-App'?

What criteria could possibly make a good app? We have all been downloading apps based on good reviews or ratings and still found them crippled, greedy, nagging or just plain ugly. We have been missing someone who can vouch for a good app and who we can truly trust. We want to be that someone.

Why 'No-Fuzz' and not 'No-Fuss'?

Google 'Fussy' and 'Fuzzy' images to see the difference. The search term 'no-fuzz-app' gave just seven hits before we started this manifesto. And the letter 'z' just looks better.